The Alianza Agrícola is a group led by and comprised of immigrant farmworkers in Western and Central New York. The group came together to create a better future here in New York for immigrant farmworker families and communities. Through participation in the group, Alianza members are empowered to advocate on their own behalf and gain valuable leadership skills and access to opportunities. Participants engage in efforts to educate the community about immigrant farmworkers and their aspirations. The Alianza Agrícola is supported by many groups of allies as well as individuals who work alongside us to fight for immigrants’ rights.


What are we doing?

  • Leading the statewide legislative campaign of Green Light NY: Driving Together together with coalition partners.
  • Recruiting members & allies through events, farm visits and speaking engagements at universities, churches, community and organizational gatherings. Building satellite ally and member groups.
  • Educating the general public, faith-based groups, students, and other low-wage worker groups. Sharing Alianza member stories through media.
  • Meeting with politicians at the county and state level: Board of Supervisors, Sheriffs, County Clerks,  Assembly, and State representatives, town supervisors and Mayors


What do we want?

The group is currently focused on an effort to win driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in New York as part of the statewide Green Light NY: Driving Together campaign.


Read our Annual Report 2017 here!


Contact: contacto.alianzaagricola@gmail.com

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Join Alianza Agricola and Allies Listerv: http://bit.ly/AlianzaListserv